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KC-Z (Stealth tanker concept - USA)

Diskurzus a(z) 'Szállító- és légi utántöltő repülőgépek' témában - Terminator által indítva @ 2018. június 29..

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    Nagyméretű, csökkentett észlelhetőségű légi utántöltő repülőgép a 2035 utáni időszakra
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  3. Terminator

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    The U.S. Air Force may not purchase a next-generation low-observable tanker

    that would support fifth-generation fighter aircraft like the F-35 and F-22, the service’s chief of staff says.

    In 2016, the head of Air Mobility Command announced KC-Z, an effort to develop a new tanker that could fly into dangerous airspace without being detected. But Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Dave Goldfein told Aerospace DAILY here Jan. 26 when questioned about a next-generation tanker or fighter that the service is no longer in the platforms business.

    “The days of buying individual platforms that we then described as game changers—those days are behind us,” Goldfein said. “There actually are no silver bullets on the horizon.”

    Goldfein believes future warfighting will involve a combination of platforms and sensors and how those capabilities are connected.

    “I actually don’t know if the next version of tanker operates in the air or operates at low Earth orbit,” he said. “I don’t know if it’s manned or unmanned, and I actually don’t care that much as long as it brings the attributes we need to win.”

    The service will look at a variety of options for future systems, including what will give the U.S. an asymmetric advantage against its adversaries.

    “It might sound a little bit odd that the commander of Air Mobility Command is talking to Air Force Space Command about development of the next tanker, but it makes perfect sense to me,” Goldfein said.

    Separately, Goldfein said the service and Boeing are “in a good place” with the KC-46A after a series of tough negotiations. On Jan. 25 the service held a delivery ceremony at McConnell AFB, Kansas, where the first squadron received its aircraft.

    He expects additional deficiencies and anomalies will be identified as the new aerial refueling tanker goes through operational testing.

    “It’s time to put this system into the hands of the warfighters to really wring it out,” Goldfein said. “We’re not going to leave a single stone unturned.”

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