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MDBA Mistral

Diskurzus a(z) 'Légvédelmi fegyverek, rendszerek' témában - Tcat által indítva @ 2013. január 6..

  1. Tcat

    Tcat Well-Known Member Szerkesztőségi tag Moderátor

  2. ijasz

    ijasz Well-Known Member

    Az MBDA Mistral egy Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicle (MPCV) hordozón. Azért jobb mint a miénk. :)

  3. alfa74

    alfa74 Active Member

    Több rakéta ,kisebb autó, személyzet védve.
    Mondjuk a mienknél nem nehéz jobbat össze hozni!
  4. Luthero

    Luthero Well-Known Member

  5. Hpasp

    Hpasp Well-Known Member

    The European association MBDA on June 12, 2018 in Paris signed a contract worth 50 million euros to supply the Ministry of Defense of Estonia with a large batch of portable air defense missile systems Mistral 3, produced by the French branch of MBDA, with an option for another 100 million euros. The number of ordered launchers and missiles is not disclosed, but it is reported that the delivery will also include simulators, training missiles and control and verification equipment. Deliveries will begin in 2020.

  6. Terminator

    Terminator Well-Known Member

    Mistral missile has anti-surface capability

    MBDA has successfully demonstrated the use of the Mistral missile against fast boats such as FIACs (Fast Inshore Attack Craft) at the end of last year.

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  7. molnibalage

    molnibalage Well-Known Member

    Kicsit overkill a célra.
  8. Terminator

    Terminator Well-Known Member

  9. tacticool

    tacticool Well-Known Member

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  10. Panzerfaust

    Panzerfaust Well-Known Member

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  11. imike

    imike Well-Known Member

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  12. Panzerfaust

    Panzerfaust Well-Known Member

    Szerintem ez csak egy gesztus csak az EU-tagság miatt, az S-300-ról csönd van.
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