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TRV (Taktikai rakétafegyverzetek) H- 31, -35, -58, -59

Diskurzus a(z) 'Fegyverzet és szenzorok' témában - boki által indítva @ 2013. május 8..

  1. oregbogaras

    oregbogaras Well-Known Member

    Bocs, az első mondatot Nógráditól idéztem.
  2. Allesmor Obranna

    Allesmor Obranna Well-Known Member

    Ez nem taktikai, de ez a nukleáris robotrepülő (vagy nem)

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  3. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    Relationship with the "Iskander"

    "Dagger" is a precision hypersonic aircraft missile system that can carry both conventional and nuclear charges. Its main element is a hypersonic aeroballistic missile, the range of which is over 2 thousand km. The maximum speed exceeds the speed of sound 10 times, which corresponds to 10 Mach numbers (at an altitude of 11 km it is about 10.6 thousand km / h, and at the surface of the Earth - about 12 thousand km / h), and develop its march engine allows for a few seconds. At the same time at such a huge speed, the missile is able to maneuver throughout the entire flight.

    The missile is designed to destroy both land and sea targets. It is equipped with an all-weather homing head, which provides high accuracy, as well as the possibility of hitting targets at any time of the day and under any climatic conditions.

    Such a missile was demonstrated for the first time. The Kh-32 cruise missile, intended for the destruction of ground targets, which is in service from 2016, is slightly below the hypersonic speed (3.5-4.6 mah instead of the necessary 5 or more), and has a range of up to 1,000 km. The "Zircon" is a hypersonic sea-launched missile with a range of only 400 km and slightly less than the "Dagger" speed (about 8 mahs).

    Aleksey Leonkov noted that the Dagger missile is similar to the 9M723 missile of the Iskander-M complex, which is called quasi-ballistic missile, and did not rule out that it was the basis for the new complex.

    In addition, even when the X-101 rocket was being created, the question arose between two variants of cruise missiles. Long range (over 5 thousand km) and low visibility, but without hypersound, that is, actually, X-101, or hypersonic with a radius of about 2 thousand km. The choice was made in favor of range and invisibility, perhaps not least because of the high cost and complexity of the hypersonic project. Perhaps, it is these developments that formed the basis of the "Dagger" complex.
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  4. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    The main advantage of "Dagger" - invulnerability

    "The main advantage of" Dagger "is the possibility of hitting well-protected targets," military expert Anton Lavrov told the newspaper VZGLYAD. "Subsonic X-101 can hit modern air defense systems, and the dagger's blows are irresistible now, as their missiles are immune to any modern air defense and missile defense systems," he stressed.

    Leonkov explained that the possibility of intercepting a new missile is excluded due to its approach speed to the target, maneuvering and the ability to choose the most effective angle of attack. "There are two ways to shoot down air targets - on a collision course and after it.In a collision course, such a maneuvering missile is hard to hit.If talking about modern SAM systems, their missiles, if they are mistaken on the oncoming course, then fly further after the goal. The dagger needs your missile to do more than maneuver, it must develop a speed of at least 15 Mach numbers, and no one in the world has it, "the expert said, adding that the rocket characteristics provide a huge speed of reaction to the ystviya enemy.

    The Ministry of Defense, like earlier Putin, noted that the new system has no analogues in the world. The most active creation of hypersonic weapons is engaged in China, investing in it tens, if not hundreds of billions of dollars. In particular, he is testing a similar air-to-air missile with a range of just under 500 km, capable of maneuvering in flight. The United States has already recognized the loss of the advantage and even the backlog in the development of hypersonic weapons from Russia and the PRC. The Pentagon does not currently have a clear program to develop hypersonic missiles or to deal with them, the US media acknowledged with reference to the BBC report. To overcome this lag, the US military department is asking the country's leadership $ 120 million.
  5. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    The Russian "killer of aircraft carriers"

    With all its advantages, "Dagger" is a very expensive weapon. Experts believe that it is more expensive than conventional cruise missiles, but not more expensive than ballistic nuclear missiles. Approximately at the level of "Iskander". What tasks can the given complex solve?

    "It is primarily an anti-ship complex, its main task is to quickly enter the launch area and launch a missile to hit rocket-propelled vehicles, such as Arly Burke class destroyers, Ticonderoga-type strike cruisers or even aircraft carriers. from the military unit that will be installed there, penetrating type or more powerful nuclear, the targets may vary, "Leonkov said.

    "This complex is really a dagger type, which at one stroke takes the whole ship out of order.The missile will start outside the air defense zone, and when it reaches its high-speed parameters, this zone will no longer matter for it,"

    - the expert added.

    According to Leonkov, the "Dagger" complex allows, for example, to disrupt the deployment of the fleet forces for striking our territory. "It is clear that if it is produced, then at the maximum distance from the zone of application of our coastal defense equipment to ensure security. Imagine a military commander who deploys a grouping, but does not have such security, at any moment there can be a blow that will deprive him of important elements of the fleet, and he will not fulfill the task.In these conditions, it is very controversial and difficult to make any offensive actions with the help of the Navy, "the source said.

    Leonkov did not rule out using Dagger for ground targets, because if the question of aiming at ships is resolved, then he can shoot on the ground. "But it must be understood that this is a strategic ammunition and can not be used anywhere." It should be especially important military infrastructure objects, for example, missile launching sites, headquarters, command posts, communication points, can also be used for airfields, naval bases , destroy logistics, railway junctions, "he explained.

    Anton Lavrov also believes that the Dagger is aimed specifically at fighting aircraft carriers. "This is its maximum benefit. It is problematic to repel massive strikes by winged strikes against ground targets and without hypersound, but the fight against carrier-based strike groups is quite a difficult task for us," he stressed.
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  6. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    "Dagger" will block the eastern and northern coasts

    Despite the fact that nobody knew about the Dagger, it is not just being developed, but even already in the Russian Armed Forces. Since December 1, this complex has put on combat duty in the Southern Military District, said Vladimir Putin. The commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force, Sergey Surovikin, later specified that the Dagger had embarked on pilot-combat duty in one of the air formations, and now the "bases of its combat use" are being tested. In other words, the system is delivered to the troops, however, the last, field tests pass.

    "Usually this kind of testing goes on for a year.It depends on the test program that is delivered.With regard to the deployment, the MiG-31 we have, after the modernization, when received letters" BM ", they were converted including under carriers of such missiles, "Leonkov said. "If we take the airfields of the MiG-31 base, then they are on the directions where there are the greatest fears of a sudden strike - western, eastern, southern." The specifics of work on offshore objects can move them closer to our maritime boundaries, so that the take-off and strike times are maximized reduced, "he pointed out.

    In turn, Lavrov believes that after the full-scale introduction of the "Dagger" into the troops, first of all, it will block the eastern and northern coasts. It is there that the work on maritime targets is most important, and the new complex will be most effective.

    Experts agreed that it is unlikely that this missile will be sent to Syria for testing, as there is simply no point in this - there will be no difference with the range. The rocket is not cheap, there are simply no objects in Syria that would be worth using to destroy it, except to demonstrate the real existence of the missile, they noted
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  7. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    Aircraft from the creator of "Buran"

    Both the President and the Defense Ministry noted that the carrier of the missile is a part of the complex - the upgraded version of the MiG-31. Why was this aircraft chosen?

    MiG-31 is a two-seat supersonic all-weather fighter-interceptor. He was the first Soviet combat aircraft of the fourth generation. It has been in service since 1981, in the 2000s its modernization began, its first stage was completed in 2008. The aircraft is capable of carrying out tasks at various heights - from extremely small to large (its practical ceiling is 20 km), and its range is 1,5 thousand km or 3 thousand with two outboard fuel tanks (with refueling in the air it grows at all up to 5 thousand km).

    "The MiG-31 allows to accelerate this missile to the speeds necessary for launching, most likely, in order for the hypersonic engine to turn on, it must be accelerated to supersonic speed, which allows to abandon the accelerator and reduce the missile's dimensions, and the accelerator is the aircraft itself, Suggested Lavrov. "Plus, its load-carrying capacity and external support allows carrying such a large-sized rocket, even on it it's more than one not to hang. For example, on the Su-57 is not the fact that it can be suspended because of the mass-size indicators," the expert said.

    Moreover, as emphasized by Leonkov, the MiG-31 is an airplane, in which the modernization potential has been exhausted. "Participation in its creation was hosted by Gleb Evgenievich Lozino-Lozinsky, the well-known designer of Buran, when the MiG-31 was created, parameters were put in it to make it a suborbital interceptor.The airplane had to be raised to a much higher altitude and at much higher speeds 7 thousand km / h, its design and hull were designed for this, but this was not realized because there was no engine to allow the aircraft to develop such a speed. second power plant ", - said the source.

    As another platform for the "Dagger" was called the newest fighter of the fifth generation of the Su-57, which is still in the testing stage. "He has two closed bomb compartments, which are located inside the aircraft, which helps him to be less radio-visible, and if the parameters of this missile and the bomb compartment match, he will be able to take one or two such missiles," Leonkov said. "The Su-57's main purpose is concealment and solving specific problems, which would allow using the Dagger to covertly strike at the enemy: entering a zone to prevent the enemy from discovering the carrier, and then launching the missile and leaving the zone ", He added.

    Nikita Kovalenko
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  8. Allesmor Obranna

    Allesmor Obranna Well-Known Member

    A videó óta látszik, hogy ez nem a gyorsítórakéta, hanem valamiféle menethajtómű.
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  9. Sharid

    Sharid Well-Known Member

    Biztos igaz, mert ilyen szinten nem hazudna...

    Úgy látszik sokaknak törlődött memeóriájából a pártfőtitkári propaganda a szovjet tudomány és hadiipar termékeiről kb Lenintől napjainkig..
  10. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    Csak tippeltem. Nem tudunk semmit.
  11. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    A menórájából?
  12. Sharid

    Sharid Well-Known Member

    Eddig ezen a poénon nevettem.
  13. emel

    emel Well-Known Member

    Itt azért van "némi " ellentmondás a "szovjet..." és a "napjainkig" között, nagyjából egy mindössze negyedszázadnyi!!! Mint ahogy a hitleri III. Birodalom is kifújt 45-ben, úgy a Szu. is negyedszázada. Aki ezt képtelen figyelembe venni, az a realitást köpködi szembe. Persze ez nem tilos, csak előnytelen a köpködő hitelességére is. Ha meg azt hiszed, hogy csak Moszkvában mondanak néha nagyokat vagy egyenesen hazudnak, akkor nem ártana elmélyedni kicsit a nyugati politikusok nyilatkozataiban is. Tudod tényleg régi de sajnos már nem vicc hanem tapasztalat, hogy mikor hazudik egy politikus? Hát amikor látod hogy mozog a szája.
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  14. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    Nézd meg mit írtál :)
  15. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    the starting weight is 4650 kilograms. The missile is equipped with four types of warheads: a conventional high-explosive fragmentation mass of 480 kilograms, a nuclear 9Н72 / АА-75 with an adjustable power from 5 to 50 kilotons and two types of cassette-9Н722К5 (with 54 warhead fragments) and 9Н722К1 (45 cumulative).
  16. wolfram

    wolfram Well-Known Member

  17. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

  18. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    As such, Russian flight tests of the weapon, successful or not, might offer one explanation about reported spikes in the amount of radioactive iodine-131 in the atmosphere appearing to originate from Russia’s northwestern Kola Peninsula on the Barents Sea in February 2017.
  19. Roni

    Roni Well-Known Member

    Ez knai de nem találok hozzá megfelelő topicot .

    MTOW: 3 tons
    Max. Payload: 1 ton
    Endurance: 1.5 hrs
    Ceiling: >3km
    Cruising height: 1-6m
    Mission: attacking large surface targets, long-distance high-speed torpedo attack, sea area blockade
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