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Diskurzus a(z) 'Képek & videók' témában - notaricon által indítva @ 2019. február 2..

  1. notaricon

    notaricon Well-Known Member

    "Here is the full scale replica Swedish East Indiaman Gotheborg III passing under London Bridge. She carried 30 guns so could qualify as a warship! Possibly she is the largest seaworthy wooden ship afloat!"


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  2. notaricon

    notaricon Well-Known Member

  3. Tcat

    Tcat Well-Known Member Szerkesztőségi tag Moderátor

  4. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    A Hermione majdnem ekkora.
  5. melampo

    melampo Well-Known Member

    Navigare necesse est, mensa non est necesse.
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  6. notaricon

    notaricon Well-Known Member

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