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Northrop T-38 Talon

Diskurzus a(z) 'Kiképző repülőgépek' témában - weasel007 által indítva @ 2014. október 2..

  1. weasel007

    weasel007 Well-Known Member

    Az Amerikai Légierő elsődleges szuperszonikus kiképző repülőgépe, melyet az F–5-ös vadászgép kétüléses változatából fejlesztettek ki.
  2. weasel007

    weasel007 Well-Known Member

  3. joker

    joker Well-Known Member

    A Northrop már nekilátott a megtervezni és felépíteni a T-38 utódjának szánt kiképzőgépet (legalábbis azt, ami a versenyen indul, hogy ki épít 350 új kiképzőgépet 11 mld dollárért)
  4. weasel007

    weasel007 Well-Known Member

  5. weasel007

    weasel007 Well-Known Member

  6. Terminator

    Terminator Well-Known Member

  7. Terminator

    Terminator Well-Known Member

    Ez milyen konténer a törzs alatt?

  8. Hpasp

    Hpasp Well-Known Member

    AN/ALQ-188 Electronic Attack Training (EAT) pod
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  9. Hpasp

    Hpasp Well-Known Member

    The AN/ALQ-188 Electronic Attack Training Pod, is used to simulate enemy threat electronic countermeasures for aircrew training and weapons evaluation.
    Although frequently associated with the 64th Aggressors Squadron’s F-16s at Nellis AFB, these pods are carried by other units during training operations whenever it is beneficial to simulate the enemy’s ECM.
    These pods are not “owned” by any single squadron, but passed around from one squadron to the next as training requirements dictate.

    ALQ-188A(V) is a low-cost threat ECM simulator for aircrew training.
    The system is a modular design that is based on the AN/DLQ-3C(V) system.
    It provides a maximum effective radiated power of 2 kW over the frequency range 8.6 to 10.2 GHz.
    ALQ-188A(V) is capable of producing over 30 technique combinations and is programmable from an RS-232 source.
    The technique types include noise (spot, barrage or swept spot), velocity gate pull off, narrowband repeater noise, pseudo-random noise, random Doppler, range gate pull off, cover pulse, false target, and Amplitude Modulation (AM) (blink, random blink, fixed AM, swept square wave, sequenced AM).
    The equipment's antennas are circularly polarised with coverage of ±30º for low gain and ±15º for high gain.

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  10. arbalest

    arbalest Well-Known Member

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