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Sz-500 (55R6M "Triumfator-M")

Diskurzus a(z) 'Ballisztikus rakéta-elhárító rendszerek' témában - Jeno által indítva @ 2013. január 6..

  1. dudi

    dudi Well-Known Member

    Csak piros trailer használható?
  2. ghostrider

    ghostrider Well-Known Member

    Érdekes, hogy a lokátorállomás hordozó járműve 3 tengelyes.
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  3. Roni

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  4. Roni

    Roni Well-Known Member

    Molninak meg cifunak és Allesmor-nak meg akik tudnak angolul :D:D

    October 2, 2019 00:01
    Alexey Ramm Alexey Kozachenko Bogdan Stepova

    In Syria, the most important elements of the Russian S-500 “Prometheus” air defense system have been tested. During testing, certain problems were identified in the operation of the equipment, but they were able to be quickly eliminated. The tests have already been completed and recognized successful, sources in the Ministry of Defense and the military-industrial complex told Izvestia. The effectiveness of the entire system depends on the uptime of the combat control point and the new all-high-altitude S-500 radar-detector, military experts say.

    Wear work
    During the tests that precede deliveries to the armed forces, special attention is always paid to the uninterrupted operation of all their components, said the former deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force on issues of the CIS integrated air defense system, Lieutenant General Aitech Bizhev.

    “All equipment before running into the series must be run in,” he explained to Izvestia. - It is tested in harsh technical and climatic conditions and literally works for wear. Only such a mode of operation can identify deficiencies. After that, all breakdowns and problems are summarized, activated and carried out to eliminate them. Syria is well suited for such trials - it is always hot there, a lot of dust. In addition, the radar has to work around the clock - the situation in the republic is turbulent and anti-aircraft gunners must constantly maintain a radar field.

    During the tests, great attention is also paid to the ergonomics of workplaces for crew members, the expert added.

    Modeled after Hmeimim
    The S-500 “Prometheus” system will also include a combat control point (PBU) with an automatic control system (ACS), explained Dmitry Kornev, editor-in-chief of the Military Russia portal. PBU is the brain of Prometheus. Its equipment provides the operation of a whole anti-aircraft connection. All information from the radars of not only the S-500 regiment, but also third-party radars, anti-aircraft systems and higher air defense command posts flocks here. Electronics of modern PBUs are able to determine goals and issue commands to defeat in automatic mode.

    In addition, the kit includes a radar detection system (RLC), which is responsible for the long-distance search and identification of ballistic and aerodynamic targets. The S-500 also needs a multi-functional "backlight" radar - its main task is to capture the target and bring anti-aircraft missiles to it.

    For the "five hundred", as well as for the S-400, a long-range high-altitude radar detector has been developed. It allows you to most accurately set the coordinates and flight path of ballistic and aerodynamic targets. This radar is capable of finding rockets, planes, helicopters and small drones at any altitude.

    The tense situation in the Syrian Arab Republic provides a good opportunity to check the PBU and radar detectors, said Dmitry Kornev.

    “The high-altitude radar and the PBU allow building reliable air defense without external sources of information,” the expert noted. - A high-altitude detector helps you track targets in time. PBU - to correctly distribute them between the air defense systems of a particular area. In particular, they can involve other complexes in repelling attacks. For example, entrust the “Bukam” or “Shell” the destruction of individual targets. According to a similar principle, the defense of the Khmeimim military base in Syria is being built.

    An oil refinery in Saudi Arabia that was recently attacked by drones did not have such a defense system, Dmitry Kornev emphasized. Otherwise, the blow could be repelled, he is sure.
  5. boki

    boki Well-Known Member

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  6. ghostrider

    ghostrider Well-Known Member

    Néhány adat a komplexumról.
    Megnevezés: С-500 Прометей - 55Р6М Триумфатор-М (Sz-500 Prometej - 55R6M Triumfator-M
    Távol-felderítő lokátor állomás: 60K6
    Aerodinamikai célok elleni egység: 85Ж6-1 (85Zs6-1)
    55K6MA harcálláspont (parancsnoki kabin), 91Н6АМ (91N6AM) multifunkciós lokátor állomás, 51П6М (51P6M) TEL, 40H6M (40N6M) légvédelmi rakéta:
    Ballisztikus rakéta célok elleni egység: 85Ж6-2 (85Zs6-2)
    76Т6 és 77Т6 AESA multifunkciós lokátorok, 77П6 (77P6) TEL, 77Н6-Н/77Н6-Н1 77N6-N és 77N6-N1 elhárító rakéták.
    Felderítési hatótávolság: 800km,
    HMZ: 600/200km távolság/magasság),
    Cél maximális sebessége: 7.000m/s
    Rakéták száma hordozónként: 2-4 db
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  7. papajoe

    papajoe Well-Known Member

    Ezzel megszámolják mennyi apró van trump zsebében?!
  8. Roni

    Roni Well-Known Member


    With its ability to take out targets at a range of up to 600 km and an altitude of nearly 200 km, the S-500 can effectively defend against targets in near space. In other words, “this is an anti-space weapon,” Khatylev stresses. “The complex features a partition approach where one locator works on targets flying at maximum altitude, while the other is used for those flying near to the ground at altitudes up to 30 km,” he explains.
  9. boki

    boki Well-Known Member

    Várhatóan április 15-én Pleszeckből Sz-500 elfogórakéta tesztindítás:
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  10. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    Hát ez ránézésre 2000 km.
  11. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    Hát ez meg miért nem a saját lábán megy?
  12. boki

    boki Well-Known Member

    Szerdán reggel(április 15.) Direct-ascent anti-satellite - DA-ASAT rakétát indítottak Pleszeckből.
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  13. Roni

    Roni Well-Known Member

    Azért látom a jenkik is lesüllyednek orosz szintre.


    Raymond tábornok hangsúlyozta, hogy a szerdai kísérlet bizonyíték "Oroszország álszent javaslataira a világűrben történő fegyverzetkorlátozásra, miközben egyértelműen nem áll szándékában leállítani űrfegyverkezési programját".

    Egy oylan fegyverre mondja hogy agresszió amit ők "védelem" címszó alatt telepítenek Európába .Hát ehhez pofa kellett!

    "világűrben történő fegyverzetkorlátozásra"

    Ők azt hiszem 2006-ban lőttek le hajóról egy műholdat az sm-3-sal .Akkor az nem űrfegyverkezés?
  14. boki

    boki Well-Known Member

    Tipikus "komcsi" propagandát tolják napjainkban a jenkik.

    Nekik volt először műholdromboló rakétájuk, aztán Kína, India...
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