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Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

Diskurzus a(z) 'Légtérellenõrzõ, felderítő, ELINT, tengeralattjáró' témában - GrGLy által indítva @ 2013. január 6..

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    most olvasom:
    On 22 March 1966 #936 flying at Mach 3.15 and altitude of 74,500 feet launched an AIM-47 missile successfully intercepting and destroying a Q-2C Drone flying at 1,500 feet. On 13 May 1966 flying at Mach 3.17 and an altitude of 74,000 feet #936 successfully intercepted and destroyed a Q-2C Drone flying at 20,000 feet. The third and final missile intercept occurred on 21 September, 1966 with #936 flying at Mach 3.2 and an altitude of 75,000 feet successfully intercepted and destroyed a QB-47 (SN#34256; the target for the inert warhead test firing) conducted out of Edwards AFB and flying at 500 feet in the Mugu Range. This intercept removed three feet off the left horizontal stabilizer of the QB-47. Pilot-Colonel Vern Henderson and WSO was Sam Ursini for this flight. YF-12A #936 set the world Speed records on 1 May 1965. The USAF team of pilots was led by Colonel Robert L. "Silver Fox" Stephens, the first military pilot to fly the YF-12A.

    ill (ha voltmár, sorry, de nekem új:) )

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