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Diskurzus a(z) 'Egyéb, vegyes haditechnikai témák' témában - Terminator által indítva @ 2013. február 26..

  1. gacsat

    gacsat Well-Known Member

    Most építettek egy 25 nm körüli gyárat.
  2. Masztiff

    Masztiff Well-Known Member

    Akkor legalább 1 generációval lemaradtak. Az Intel a 9. gen. Core i7 processzorait 14nm-en gyártja, de a TSMC már lement 10nm alá. De azért a 25nm sem rossz....
  3. Masztiff

    Masztiff Well-Known Member

    Itt van egy elég jó cikk az Elbruszról.
    "The Elbrus chips are not a standard consumer product like the Intel and AMD CPUs, they’re specialized tech for security applications, where the user cannot risk a foreign product with ‘undocumented features.’ Think army, hospitals, network infrastructure, power grid, FSB…
    One great feature of the VLIW architecture is its power efficiency. Since the cores themselves don’t need to do most of the complex optimizations that Intel arch processors do, they also consume much less power for equivalent tasks. That is very important for industrial, military and especially space applications - it is very difficult to cool electronics in space.
    When will they catch up to Western tech? When the US introduce sanctions on sales of Intel and AMD CPUs to Russian customers. That will give MCST (and Baikal and Mikron and Angstrem and other Russian producers) exactly what they need - the Russian market for themselves, with enough customers to develop native 10nm process, create consumer-style CPU lines and ramp up production into the numbers needed for economy of scale to start showing. In that case, I think that they would catch up to Intel tech in about 5–8 years."
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  4. Masztiff

    Masztiff Well-Known Member

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