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Alenia G.222/C-27A/C-27J/MC-27J Spartan

Diskurzus a(z) 'Szállító- és légi utántöltő repülőgépek' témában - GrGLy által indítva @ 2013. január 6..

  1. Terminator

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    Unknown C-27J Spartan

    On 6 August 2020, unmarked C-27J Spartan CSX62319 was photographed at Torino/Caselle (Italy). Although not confirmed yet, Scramble Magazine assesses this aircraft is destined for the Kenyan Air Force, that have ordered four aircraft in total. Of note are the winglets on the aircraft, a feature not seen on the previous aircraft for Kenya.


    Kezdődhetnek újra az összeesküvés elméletek a Szállítógépek váltása a MH-nél topikban :D
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  3. Terminator

    Terminator Well-Known Member

    "On 27 July this C-27J CSX62308 visited Venegono. It is destined for the Kenya Air Force, where it will become 222."

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  4. arcas

    arcas Well-Known Member

    Szép. És most lássuk az eredeti képet! :p
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  6. Terminator

    Terminator Well-Known Member

    Legyen meg itt is...

    C-27J Spartan Next Generation

    The first C-27J in the new configuration will be delivered to an undisclosed customer in 2021.

    Leonardo has begun the final testing of the C-27J Next Generation which features new equipment, a new avionics system and advanced aerodynamic devices, these will enhance the existing high performance of the aircraft.

    The brand-new avionics system of the C-27J Next Generation is designed to comply with Next Generation Air Traffic Control requirements, including FANS 1/A+ datalink; TCAS 7.1; ILS Cat.II; enhanced video TAWS. New cockpit displays; new weather radar; new radio navigation; enhanced satellite communications and radio communication capabilities; new intercommunication system; new cockpit and cargo panels; Mode 5 IFF/ADS-B out and tactical VNAV and Search and Rescue; lighting system with LED technology have also been included. Moreover, former avionics and general systems interface boxes have been replaced with new equipment by Leonardo’s Electronics. The new baseline configuration is also offered as a retrofit to current operators wanting to upgrade their C-27J fleet capabilities.
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